Long Term Goals and Short Term Goals

Fulfilling every child’s dream of getting educated.

Asibonisane Skills Development has as its major short term goal to ensure that children within the community where it operates get basic primary education. Considering the high rate of illiteracy and school dropout within our community it is imperative that we put hands on deck to ensure that children get the much needed support in order to ensure a future generation of educated citizens. We are therefore targeting close to 100 children each year for our child educational programmes.

Distribution of food parcels and feeding scheme.

Considering the difficulties in which families within this communities (Kennedy Road informal settlements) encounter in other to afford a meal on daily basis, we  therefore have as objectives to ensure that these families get our much needed support through the distribution of food parcels. So far close to one hundred (100) families have benefited from our organisation

Distribution of clothes and Blankets to the needy children, the elderly and the sick.

This aspect is very important in that most of these families are unable to afford clothing especially during winter. We have distributed clothing to about 200 children and elders in the Kennedy settlement. We also distribute blankets during this period and as of now almost 40 families have benefited from this programme.

Providing counselling and care to the abused.

Considering that the community where we operate consist of many vulnerable children, single parents, school dropout, low income families that indulge in alcoholism, drug abuse and domestic violence. We therefore ensure that those who are affected get the much needed support in terms of counselling and making referrals to institutions where they can get help. As of now we have supported close to five (5) households affected with domestic violence and about 15 youths who were being violated by parents and friends. This is a very important aspect in that most of the people concerned are the children and youth who constitute a vulnerable group of our society. 

Training courses in HIV/AIDS TB & Home-Based Care.

This program is aimed at assisting the infected and affected of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The kwazulu-Natal province is the most infected and affected. We therefore aim at sensitizing the community and raising the awareness to eradicate stigmatization and to help reduce the transmission of this deadly virus. Various campaigns in schools, work places and workshops in our centre to train Home Based Care Givers and Activists