Kennedy Road informal settlement near Clare Estate in Durban. The population is approximately 2000. The inhabitants of this settlement are mostly unemployed/ work in the informal sector that is characterized by very risky jobs and are rarely insured. Females make up 70% of the population and comprise 56% of heads of households. poor hygienic and housing conditions. Basically 80% of the households live under the poverty line.

The situation has prompted us to start up this project to put resources together and to attend to the needs of the people. This intervention aims to instill positive attitudes and behaviors which empower the targeted communities to take it upon themselves to break the cycle of poverty and become empowered to face life challenges and the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Feeding Scheme & food Parcels

It is world’s best and famous front-end component library. It is a open source toolkit .We have started a feeding scheme program whereby cooked food served on a bi-weekly basis to the people who can barely afford one meal a day. This initiative is also aimed at encouraging the people to live on affordable and healthy diet especially for those who are ill .; however the demands are enormous due to the high rate of poverty in the area.

Running the HIV/AIDS and TB campaign

Most inhabitants of this area are HIV/AIDS infected and affected hence we are running awareness campaign to educate the community about these diseases -transmission and prevention methods as well as risk management. Furthermore with the help of volunteers/activist who walk around encouraging people to go for testing and to follow their treatment?

Besides these major activities, we also have other programs that need support such as:

  • Scholarship program for children interested in science subjects (Mathematic Science and Accounting).
  • Start up youth clubs to keep the children busy so that they do not indulge themselves in sexual activities at an early stage (teenage pregnancy), alcoholism and drug abuse.
  • Vegetable garden establishment and management.
  • Sexuality and sex education.
  • Hygiene and sanitation methods.


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